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Traktor Kontrol S4MK3
Traktor Kontrol S2MK3

TRAKTOR is controlled by DJ hardware like S4MK3 and S3. These controllers have a tight HW-SW integration that control the SW.

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Loops and cue points can be felt by haptic feedback from jogwheel 

Cue points and loops click as you scroll past them with the jog wheel. 

Spin the deck to the next cue point to line up tracks in a second.

Spend less time looking at the screen, and more time reading the dancefloor.

Motorised Jogwheel

Motorised jogwheel gives you the feeling of a turntable while the ligfht guide shows you different modes when it's playing or starts blinking in red when the track is about to end   

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Essentials on Device

The essential information like BPM, loop length sits contextual with knobs placed next to the screen. 

We aimed to avoid the situation where DJs look like they are checing mails on their laptops.

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Sequencing Patterns

Easy punch in style 16-step sequencer which let's DJs program patterns on the fly without worrying about syncing cause everything is quantised. DJs can do this without having to look at the mac. 


The Haptic Drive

The Haptic technology can also be ported to other forms of interfaces leading to a more accessible experience. For example we prototyped interfaces for visually impaired people who can "feel" the sound in terms of distortion or different waves.   

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